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Accounting Head

Managerial / Supervisory

Grand Canyon Multi-Holdings Inc. (Suzuki Auto)

Established in 2005 | 501-1000 employees
Davao City, Davao del Sur
Posted on : April 13, 2019
Job ID : 310867


We are hiring of accounting graduate preferably CPA graduates or have experienced on Accounting.
General Admin:
  • Manage daily admin functions, which covers, but not limited to:
    • Performance of Chattel Mortgage Processing / LTO processing
    • Monitoring / Collection of Bank Proceeds and DI
    • Troubleshooting Aging Accounts to be not more than 45 days.
    • Monitoring / Troubleshooting of Flawed OR/CR
    • Monitoring / Collection of Personal AR / Insurance AR
  • Analysis / Control of Gate Pass / Billing Officer / Security Guard Functions for Aftersales Operations
  • Implementation of Release of Brand New Vehicles (Security Guard)
  • Analysis of Repair Orders / Repair Estimates / LOA on a per month basis.
  • Processing of Claims for the ff:
    • Retail Claim Subsidy
    • Wholesale Claim Subsidy
    • Marketing Event Subsidy
    • Warranty Claims
    • Parts Claim
    • Special Subsidy Claims (Special One-off Subsidy provided by Distributor)
  • Monitoring / Processing of Insurance Renewals / Auto Renewal Agreement
  • Monitoring / Processing of LTO Renewals
  • Bi-Monthly Admin Reports
General Audit:
  • Valuation / Aging of Vehicle Inventory (including Accessorized Models, Decontented Models)
  • Analysis of Vehicle Inventory (Request for additional subsidy, etc.)
  • Valuation / Aging of Parts Inventory
  • Valuation / Aging of Accessories Inventory
  • Recommendation for Scrapping, if any
  • Analysis / Interpretation of Repair Orders / Service Releases / Aging Repair Orders / Unit in Shop
  • Inventory of Units in Shop
  • Inventory of Total Service Estimates Provided (GJ)
  • Inventory of Total Service Estimates Provided (BP)
  • Inventory of Insurance Renewal Quotations
  • General Audit of Cashier’s Report
  • General Audit of Disbursements for Transactions using Cash (CHMO, LTO, other liquidations)
  • Guard’s Log
  • HR Records Audit
Operational Accounting:
  • Generation of Financial Statements (IS, Balance Sheet, Statement of Owner’s Equity, Statement of Cash Flows)
  • Provision of Financial Ratios (Consultative Recommendation)
  • Provision of Operational Ratios - Sales (Operating Cost per Sale, Manpower Cost per Sale)
  • Provision of Operational Ratios – Aftersales (Absorption Rate)
  • Identification of current profit centers and/or ignored/new profit centers.
DMS Maintenance and Implementation

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